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April writing wrap-up.

April? Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

Actually, it was a pretty active month, with a good chunk of it spent setting the stage for what will occupy a good bit of my writing attention for the next few months. It's novel time again, boys and girls!

Anyway, here's the rundown of the month's activities:

What Judgments Come - Star Trek: Vanguard - Formerly The Taurus Key: A Crystalline Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries of the Shedai and the Oppression of Their Servants. It Was Written for Kollotuul, But Others Should Read It). We handed in our first-draft manuscript on March 15th. At last report, we received the copyedited manuscript back from our editor on April 15th, and we returned our revised/corrected version on April 28th. If we hold to the production schedule we've been given, We'll be getting 1st pass galley pages for review on or about May 27th. The book's still slated for an October release, so be sure to pre-order lots of copies for the coming holiday shopping season!

Article for Star Trek Magazine #36 - I contributed a solo piece (Kevin did, as well) which will kick off a theme of articles included in each of the next several issues throughout the rest of the year in celebration of Star Trek's 45th anniversary. I turned in my article on April 21st.

Star Trek original series novel for 2012 - Kevin and I delivered our outline for the novel on April 22nd, and received approval from our editor and CBS Licensing on April 28th. I'll actually start my writing on this later today, which was my own (hoped-for) scheduled start date. We currently have a manuscript due date of August 1st. Kirk-Fu FTW, yo!

"Going My Own Way" - A "superhero" story I submitted for consideration as an entry in Gods of Justice, a superhero-themed anthology set to be published by Cliffhanger Books. I received some additional notes back from the editor on April 25th, and need to have my final corrections back to them by May 5th. Once I get my daily word quota (or more) for the TOS novel put away, I'll turn to this later today. At last report, the publisher was working to ensure I'd have copies with me for the Shore Leave convention in July. Sweet!

Star Trek blog for Tor.com - The site's kicking off a Star Trek movie marathon beginning on May 2nd, showcasing the films with the original cast. Back on April 22nd, I was contacted and asked if I'd be interested in writing up something for one of the movies. Of those not yet claimed, I opted to take on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I turned that in to the editor on April 29th, and it should go live sometime on May 2nd.

Other stuff in the pipeline:

Guest blog for Novel Spaces - Over the holidays, I along with other past "guest bloggers" to Novel Spaces received an invitation to contribute something to the site in 2011. Last year, I wrote a piece about collaboration, and got some nice e-Mail feedback about it. I have no idea what I might write about this time around, but that didn't stop me from accepting the invitation. My entry won't go up until June, so I still have a bit of time to come up with something. Suggestions as to possible topics are always welcome, of course. Otherwise, well...you've been warned.

Almost Tomorrow - One of four novellas for the Star Trek: Vanguard - Declassified anthology, which will present stories in and around the existing and ever-evolving Star Trek: Vanguard storylines. The tales will cover events from before the first book, Harbinger, to after the most recent book, Precipice, and will explore aspects of the series which until now have only been hinted at as well as setting up a plot thread or two for the next books in the pipeline. I returned my corrections to the first-pass pages on March 17th. The next time I see it will be as part of the actual book, which is still slated for a late June 2011 publication.

Articles for Star Trek Magazine Issues 35 and 36 - Kevin and I contributed what we think is a very sweet feature piece for this issue. I haven't had this much fun with an article since doing the "Captain Proton" pieces for issue #16 way back in early 2009. We turned that in on March 25th. Preliminary versions of the layout have been AWESOME. I can't wait to see the final version. I also provided a standalone piece, this one a tribute to Richard C. Datin, Jr., which I turned in on March 30th. Somewhere in all of that, I also sent editor Paul Simpson a draft of the script for the fourth part of the "Trek Life" arc. As for the piece which will appear in #36, that's not due until mid April or so, and I can't really say much about that one just yet.

"And Then One Night...All Hell Broke Loose" - My contribution to a series of "special stories" set in the universe of HG World, the kick-ass zombie apocalypse audio drama series which is the brainchild of Jay Smith (aka dr_p_venkman). Other installments are being written are authors Keith DeCandido (kradical), Terri Osborne (terri_osborne), and Elizabeth Donald (reannon). I returned a tweaked version of the script to Jay on November 3rd, and now I wait to see how it gets cast with voice actors, and to hear it come to life (or, "undeath," if you prefer)!

"The Enterprise Job" - With an unexpected handful of days with nothing major going on, I'm trying to see if I can't finalize this little silly passion project. I still have no frikkin' clue what I might do with it.

Science fiction short story - On April 14th I received an invitation to submit a story to a new anthology. The due date is July 29th, which is right when we'll likely be putting the finishing touches to the new novel. I haven't decided yet if I want to add this to my plate. The good news is that I have a story idea which would A) work for this anthology) and B) allow me to revisit a setting I created for a story I wrote a couple of years ago, and want to explore again.

Science fiction/horror short story - I was made aware of an open call for submissions to Weird War. The anthology's premise really grabs me, but it's due date for story submissions is July 31st, putting it in the same bucket as the previous story. I think I've got an idea which will work for this market, though, so I'm thinking I want to give it a shot, just cuz.

Other things in various forms of gestation include the next installments of the "Trek Life" storyline, this year's Halloween story, as well as a story which would pay tribute to Gene Roddenberry in honor of what would've been his 90th birthday this year. There are a couple of other things in the "Idea Section" of my big white board, and one or two in various stages of very early discussion. Whether anything comes of those remains anybody's guess.

And though I'm not counting it as part of the official writing output in the list, I also wrote up a 10-minute presentation (complete with slide show!) which Kevin and I used to introduce the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still to an enthusiastic audience at Starfest on April 16th. We joined Starfest main events host Kevin Atkins in celebrating the film in honor of its 60th anniversary. Audience feedback was positive, and we've already decided we're going to do it again with another classic SF movie next year.

That's enough for now, I think.


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