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Friend, fellow word slinger and Star Trek: Vanguard co-creator David Mack has unleashed a beast of sorts.

In an entry posted to his own blog earlier this evening, Mr. Mack has announced a contest to honor the publication of Storming Heaven, the series' eighth and final book. As we march toward the book's release, he's hatched a plot to give away three sets of the entire Vanguard saga, with all each book signed by its respective author(s). What can you do to be one of the three lucky folks to score such a super-cool prize? Well, head on over to the Infinity Dog's blog and check out the particulars for yourself:

DavidMack.pro: Win the full Vanguard saga

I for one look forward to the roundtable podcast, and fielding the questions submitted by loyal readers and fans of the series. Dave's also got a few other surprises and treats waiting in the wings, and I may even have an item or two I can throw into the mix, just for the heck of it. More on that once I've had a chance to coordinate with Mr. Mack.

"Um, excuse me, Dayton," I can hear some folks calling out from the audience. "What is this 'Vanguard' of which you speak?"

Unused image for Vanguard: Declassified
(Click to Biggie Size)

Well, in case you missed my earlier attempt to give new folks a brief overview of the series, here we go again:

The Fog of Ward: David Mack's Storming Heaven, and a Vanguard guide - December 30th, 2011

There. That should keep you busy for a little bit.

So, Storming Heaven coming next month, a contest happening right now, and you've got some stuff to do.

(Originally published at The Fog of Ward and cross-posted to LiveJournal.)

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