January 26th, 2009


Caddyshack trivia for January 26.

The answer to January 24th/25th's question was "D. Asthma."

Point (1 each) to: jmswallow, romulantbonz, farmishtphoenix, jag_trek, ronny_corral, od0_ital, wardbridges, dr_p_venkman, chrispimental

Current scores:
21 pts: romulantbonz
20 pts: ronny_corral
19 pts: jag_trek
17 pts: od0_ital
13 pts: jmswallow
12 pts: farmishtphoenix, wardbridges
8 pts: dr_p_venkman
4 pts: defcons_treklit, alpinemaps
2 pts: alfabet126, crcook, chrispimental
1 pts: kradical, torenheksje, juciest

Info and general guidelines for playing can be found here.

Today's question:

Judge Smails sneers at people at the card table: "Don't you people have ______?"

A. Lives
B. Money
C. Homes
D. Wives