June 16th, 2011


Chronic Rift of the Apes.

This week's episode of The Chronic Rift is all about the Apes...those damned, dirty Apes.

To discuss the Apes, their stinking paws, and whatnot, host John Drew (drewshi) brought me to the Chronic Rift Roundtable along with Apes aficionado Roger Alford (founder and webmaster of The Forbidden Zone, one of the more comprehensive repositories of all things Ape on the web. Over the course of an hour or so, we took a look back at the original Apes films, the TV series, the 2001 remake, the merchandising thoughts on the forthcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes, what made us fans and why we're still fans, and so on. Roger is very well-informed and a very passionate fan, and I make no bones about my fanboy fetish for all things Ape, so it was fun to just geek out for a bit with a kindred spirit.

You can listen to the episode by visiting the Rift's website: The Chronic Rift Roundtable: Planet of the Apes

Thanks to John and Roger for a fun show!


Star Trek Magazine #35!

This was one of the highlights of the day's mail...the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, which is set to start showing up in stores in another week or so. The mag is chock full of all sorts of Trekkie goodness, with lots of stuff that's sure to make fanboy naughty bits go all a'tingly.

So, what's between the covers this time around? Let's have a look-see, hmmm? In addition to the usual assortment of news updates and product reviews, you'll also find:

  • A full-page tribute to the late William Campbell (Trelane from "The Squire of Gothos" and Koloth from "The Trouble With Tribbles" and DS9's "Blood Oath"), who passed away back on April 28th.

  • Dr. Dwayne Day remembers Walter "Matt" Jefferies and the standard he set for Star Trek that is still observed and respected more than four decades later.

  • The "Star Trek 45s" observances continue, this time with (in order) DS9's "Profit and Loss," Voyager's "Heroes and Demons," and DS9's "Accession."

  • Dr. Day lands the second part of his one-two punch for this issue, with a look back at the seminal work of Franz Joseph Schnaubelt and his Star Trek Blueprints and the Star Fleet Technical Manual, two publications which continue to inspire Trek enthusiasts, fan and pro alike, more than thirty years after their creation.

  • David R. George III provides the latest in his recurring "Meet the Crew" series, this time turning the spotlight on Captain Christopher Pike.

  • Marc Shapiro has an all-new interview with Odo himself, Rene Auberjonois, catching up with the veteran actor and offering an update on his latest activities.

  • Larry Nemecek digs into the Star Trek vault, unearthing some rare photos of the original U.S.S. Enterprise filming model from way back when, and answers reader mail.

  • Marco Palmieri offers up a history of Starbase 47, the centerpiece of Pocket Books' fan-favorite spin-off novel series, Star Trek: Vanguard, including interviews with station designer Masao Okazaki and Vanguard cover artist (and Oscar and Emmy Award-winning cool guy) Doug Drexler.

  • And speaking of Vanguard, there's also an excerpt from Marco's novella, The Ruins of Noble Men, which is included in the forthcoming Star Trek: Vanguard anthology Declassified.

As for Kevin's and my contributions this time around? I provide a tribute to Richard C. Datin, Jr., who led the team responsible for the construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise filming models for the original Star Trek series. Mr. Datin passed away back on January 24th, and I was thrilled to talk with his daughter, Noel Datin-McDonald, while writing this piece.

I also worked with editor Paul Simpson on the fourth installment of the ongoing storyline unfolding in The Trek Life drawn as always by the uber-awesome David Reddick.

Finally? Kevin and I got to go Hog Wild Fanboy with our biggest contribution to the issue, that being a big ol' 12-page tribute to the Star Trek: Spaceflight Chronology reference book from 1980. This is still one of our favorite books, so it was a complete blast to provide "new pages" for what one could (hopefully) imagine being an updated version of this unparalleled work. I haven't had this much fun with an article since Editor Paul let me go completely unhinged with a Captain Proton retrospective a few years ago.

And...I think that's enough for one issue, don't you?

So, you're reading this on your smartphone while you're standing in line to buy your copy, right?