March 7th, 2012


Attention all fans of the original Star Trek series….

Prepare to drool.

If you're a fan of the original Star Trek, and if in particular you have a thing for info or pictures from behind the scenes of the show's production, have I got a treat for you. Well, not me, really. Somebody else has a treat for you; I'm just the guy getting ready to give you a link. Check this out: birdofthegalaxy's photostream

In "birdofthegalaxy's" own words:

"I am a very long time Star Trek fan. I bought a lot of film clips (in this context single frame 35mm movie positives) in the early Lincoln Enterprises and Star Trek convention days and have again recently added to the collection through on line auctions and networking. This flickr site is my way to share images that are rare or special in some way for the fans of Star Trek TOS. The majority of the images are digital scans and restorations from original film frames I personally possess in my collection, a few are my restored digital images from photos, computer files, or film clips I have borrowed or been sent."

This collection of photos, including pics of model photography, make-up and costuming, production staff working on the different sets, bloopers or other things taking place between filming sequences, is total frikkin' AMAZEBALLS DEEP-FRIED IN AWESOME SAUCE. WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING. AND A CHERRY ON TOP.


Some of the pics in this collection are available elsewhere on the web, but a whole bunch of them look to be the result of this fan's efforts to restore images from the aforementioned film clips (I have an envelope with some of those, myself, but none of them are this sweet). This is a true labor of love. If you're as big a geek for the original show as I am, you're gonna love taking this little field trip.

(Originally published at The Fog of Ward and cross-posted to LiveJournal.)