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To both the McCain and Obama campaigns and their assorted skirt-hangers.

Shut. Up.

Shut the FUCK up.

To the Maverick and the Candidate for Change: We were promised a different kind of campaign this time around, without the backbiting about nonsensical crap, but instead featuring a greater focus on what it is you plan to do if and when you take office. One of you grow a sack and keep the promise you made to the American people.

Republicans: I don't give a shit that Obama's middle name is "Hussein." Whenever you bring this up for any reason, it does nothing except expose you for the racist inbred jackoffs that you are.

Democrats: I don't care how many houses McCain owns, or thinks he owns, or thinks he should own. I don't care how many houses your guy owns.

Republicans: I don't care that Obama went to Hawaii for his vacation. Your guy is worth about 10x more on paper than Obama, and that's only because he married his way into it, so the celebrity/elitist/etc. comments should probably be dialed back a bit.

Democrats: McCain didn't diss D&D fans. Some mouth-breather working for his campaign did. If you're going to hold their guy accountable for every stupid thing anyone connected to them or their campaign says, then tuck in your quivering lower lip as the 'pubs bring back the Reverend Wright shit, because you know it's coming.

:: Checks news feeds.... :: Yep, here it comes. Buckle up.

To the media, including those who think they're "journalists" just because they have a blog: The more we allow these two boneheads and their posses to pollute the air with this infantile bullshit, the less they're on the hook to explain precisely what they intend to do to fix the real problems this country faces. If you're a reporter and you're in a candidate's face and the questions you ask aren't focused on that, then you need to turn in your press credentials and go get a job jizz-mopping at a porn store, because you're worth even less to society than what you'd be cleaning off the glass in the video booth.
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