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Trek Expo 2009.

I'm a bit late getting this posted, but here we go:

Long story short: We had a pretty fun time down in Tulsa.

Long story longer:

We loaded up the kids and took off from Stately Ward Manor Friday evening. Four hours later we arrived at the hotel and I immediately ran into friend and fellow writer Selina Rosen, who also happens to be the founder of Yard Dog Press, the irreverent little micropress that I love so much. The tone for the weekend was set right there. After that, the first priority was getting the kids to bed, which proved to be something of a challenge, as they were all keyed up from the unfamiliar surroundings. Once they settled down, Michi and I collapsed went to bed.

We hit the ground running on Saturday. Ran into Chase Masterson at the hotel, with whom Kevin has been friends for years (Not "Hey, nice to see you" when they run into each other at cons, but "HEY, NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! COME GIMME A HUG!" when they see each other in person after exchanging e-Mails throughout the year). Once we made it to the convention venue, we barely had enough time to get things set up before our first visitors of the day descended upon our table. We made some new friends and caught up with some old ones (writers Michael Vance and R.A. Jones were sitting next to us, so that was a nice reunion).

Then, before we knew it, we were being summoned to the main stage. Though Kevin and I weren't scheduled to go on until 11am, Master of Ceremonies Robin Wayne Bailey (robinbailey) asked if we could fill in a bit of time beforehand, as the previous guest had finished up a little early. Being the shameless whores that we are, we naturally said yes. We then spent the next 45 minutes or so interacting with a small yet enthusiastic audience, talking about our writing, fandom, and the new movie, asking (and answering!) trivia questions, throwing out free T-shirts, and whatnot. After that, we went back to our table and continued interacting with those folks who chose to check out our wares.

The highlight of my weekend came very early while walking the convention floor, when I ran across an exhibitor table occupied by Richard and Tina Jefferies. Richard is the brother of Walter M. "Matt" Jefferies, designer of -- among many other things -- the U.S.S. Enterprise for the original Star Trek series, as well as most of the iconic sets and props from the show. Richard and Tina were there promoting Richard's book Beyond the Clouds, a wonderful retrospective and celebration of "Brother Matt's" art, work, and love of aviation. I spent a good portion of both days talking to both Richard and Tina, including discussions about somehow getting them to attend future Starfest and/or Shore Leave conventions. Check out this book if you're able; it's a definite treat.

The kids held up pretty well, considering the stimulus overload walking a convention floor can bring. Addy was a bit freaked at first, hiding from Darth Vaders and stormtroopers and Klingons, but she eventually settled down and got into the groove of things. Erin was definitely shell-shocked for a good bit of the day, but when she finally settled down for a nap she snoozed through a lot of it, having inherited my ability to sleep regardless of whatever's going on around you. Kevin's daughter, Colleen, was also a big help, assisting Michi with getting the kids to and fro.

The rest of Saturday unfolded without incident. Once the con wound down for the day and everyone was fed, Michi and I took the kids to a nearby park for them to run off some of their excess energy. Addy took particular delight in the playground we found, climbing, sliding, swinging, and jumping all over the place for the better part of an hour, heedless of the fact that it was 95 degrees at 8pm. Our strategy had its intended effect, with both kids staying awake just long enough to get them bathed before passing out in their bed. Mission accomplished!

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, minus Kevin and I having any on-stage responsibilities. Michi, Colleen, Addy, and Erin left earlier in the day, so it was just me and Kevin holding our own. Once the con started to close up, we packed our stuff, said our "Thank yous" and "Good-byes" and headed north for Kansas City. The highlight of the drive home was Kevin and I putting some polish to our bit for the forthcoming roast of Keith DeCandido (kradical) at next week's Shore Leave convention.

Many thanks to all the fine folks who worked their butts off to make Trek Expo a fun weekend for fans and guests alike. We appreciate your hospitality, hope we held up our end of the bargain, and wish you well until our paths cross again.



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Jul. 1st, 2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
And ya finally got The Tube!!!
Jul. 1st, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
I did, indeed, and the poster it contained is already framed and hanging on the wall of my office. It displaced another poster, but dem's da berries :)

Thanks again!
Jul. 1st, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. :-)
( 3 comments — Lay it on me )