Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

Author Jay Lake, on why writers still need publishers.

Noted author Jay Lake (jaylake, or "Mr. Lake" to you and me), has, like John Scalzi, offered up another perspective on the relationship between writer and publisher, and why it remains valuable even in this age of easy-to-do-it-yourself electronic publishing. Well worth reading, regardless of where you stand on the topic:

Jay Lake: What my publisher does for me, and why I won't just quit

For those wondering about my take on the subject, it's like this: There's room for both modes -- and all manner of approaches in between -- depending on what you're trying to accomplish. I've been thinking of taking a stab at self-publishing something small, primarily for the kick and in order to have something "special" to share with fans and readers I meet at cons. Otherwise? Right now, and pretty much for the foreseeable future, I'm quite content to have someone else taking care of all those other steps between me writing a book and it ending up on a bookstore shelf. Believe me when I tell you that you're getting a better final product for your money.

Anyway, go. Read Mr. Lake's words. They're good.
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