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Star Trek: Vanguard - Declassified!

As I've seen this discussed elsewhere by one of the other parties who'll be involved and I've been named as an accomplice, I'm going to go out on a limb here and figure it's safe to spill my own share of the beans.

The next installment of the Star Trek: Vanguard saga co-created by former Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri and fellow scribe David Mack (infinitydog) will be a collection of four novellas under the (working) umbrella title Star Trek: Vanguard - Declassified. This is an idea David and I hatched a few months ago, which was eagerly accepted by our editor at Pocket, Jaime Costas.
Vanguard Open Secrets cover
For those wondering what the hell I'm talking about when I say "Vanguard," you can find more info here.

The plan is for this collection to be released in mass-market paperback, and indeed count as the sixth book in the current series. Each novella will feature one or more of the series' rather large cast, with tales spanning the length of Operation Vanguard from inception right up to and perhaps even past the events of the fifth book, Precipice. Further, these aren't intended to be throwaway tales, but will be considered integral parts of the storyline and may also even set up situations for the series' next novel-length installments. To be honest, we're in the midst of figuring out a lot of that as I write this. Any or all of what I just typed could change, depending on where any unhinged brainstorming takes us.

"Wait," I can hear you saying out there in the audience, "who the hell is we?" I'm glad you asked. The four novellas will be written by Kevin Dilmore, David Mack, Marco Palmieri, and me.

I don't have a firm handle yet on the release date for the book, but figure on mid to late 2011.

Kevin and I are always excited to team up with David and figure out where Vanguard might go next, and it only seemed right to bring in Marco, given everything he did to help develop the series and act as mentor to me and Kevin (Summon the Thunder was the first work we did for him). Also, I'd argue he knows the series better than anyone except for the MackDaddy himself. This is gonna be about twelve or thirteen kinds of fun.
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