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May writing wrap-up.

It's June? Already? That whole bit about time flying when you're having fun? Yeah, well, it also flies when you're trying to get done about ten or eleven things at once.

Star Trek: Vanguard - Declassified - Heard from Pocket Books on May 26th that my novella's outline was approved by CBS Licensing, and that I have the official green light to start slingin' words. My due date for turning in a manuscript is August 2nd, and the book's currently slated for a June 2011 publication. As of this writing, my word-o-meter stands at "0," so I should probably start in on that at some point.

Paths of Disharmony - The fourth of the 4-book Star Trek: Typhon Pact mini-series, which will begin publication in November. I turned in the manuscript the week of April 9th, and heard back on May 7th that it had been approved by CBS Licensing. I'm currently waiting on the copyedited manuscript as well as feedback and other requests for changes and whatnot from editor Jaime Costas.

Articles for Star Trek Magazine - The week of April 19th, Kevin and I turned in two pieces for a forthcoming issue, and on May 24th we delivered a piece for another issue further up in the pipeline. All three articles have been approved, and while there's been tentative discussion about material for future issues, nothing's been locked down. More info if and when it becomes appropriate.

"One Small Step for Bubba" - A new short story which will appear in A Bubba In Time Saves None, the fifth anthology set in editor Selina Rosen's Bubbas of the Apocalypse series. I reviewed the galley pages for my story and returned my corrections to Selina on April 18th. The book is scheduled for publication this month and is available for pre-order at Yard Dog Press website just by clicking right here. And hey! You can even check out the cover art as rendered by Keith Berdak, too!

"Into the Abyss" - Short story for Space Horrors, the fourth anthology in the Full-Throttle Space Tales series from Flying Pen Press. I received contracts from editor David Lee Summers on May 26th along with galley pages of my story and bio, and that's really some stuff I need to get back to him shortly. Note to self: Get on that. The book is currently scheduled for publication in October, just in time for Halloween!

Distant Early Warning - Our Star Trek: S.C.E. novella, originally published in 2006 and due to be collected into the What's Past omnibus. We reviewed the galley pages for the new print edition and returned our corrections to editor Jaime Costas on April 12th. The book's slated for an August 2010 release.

Star Trek: Vanguard, Book 6 (or, The Taurus Key: A Crystalline Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries of the Shedai and the Oppression of Their Servants. It Was Written for Kollotuul, But Others Should Read It) - I'm putting this up here since I don't think there's anyone who reads the Trek fiction who hasn't figured out Kevin and I will be writing this book, to be followed by David Mack writing Book 7. A general direction for various character and plot arcs has been laid out for the next couple of books, and Kevin and I have already signed contracts for this book. However, with the inclusion of Vanguard - Declassified, our dates for turning in outlines and manuscripts have been adjusted accordingly. I expect that a good portion of the final story hashing will occur in concert with Dave Mack while the three of us are at the Shore Leave convention next month.

Audio Drama script - Back in March, I was approached by Jay Smith (aka dr_p_venkman), the creator and driving force behind the kick-ass audio drama series HG World, about contributing a script for the series' new season. In addition to myself, Jay has also recruited Keith DeCandido (kradical), who currently provides for the series the voice of "Todd Rage," a radio host broadcasting from some cabin in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere. Joining in on the fun is author Elizabeth Donald, who lists among her healthy list of writing credits The Cold Ones, a zombie novel. I delivered a plot synopsis to Jay just last night, actually, so I expect it'll be a few days before I hear back on it. I think my due date for handing in a script is the end of July.

Vampire novel(?) - I started screwing around with this idea a while back, as I wrote about here. It remains tabled as I work on the stuff with actual deadlines, but it's still lurking in the back of my mind. I may mess with it later this summer, as I'd like to have it and some sample chapters ready when I go hunting for a new agent.

There are also a few things on the table or in early talks that I can't discuss. More on those if/when it's appropriate.
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