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Dayton Ward

Paths of Disharmony: the cover.

As it's been approved by CBS Consumer Products and I've been told it's okay to share with the five or six of you who read this blog, I present the cover for Paths of Disharmony.

So, you know, voilà, and all that.

Hey, you don't suppose that whole "red filter" glazing across the whole cover happens to have any subtle meanings, do ya? Nah.

(Click to enlarge.)

In related news, the massive brick that is the copyedited manuscript arrived on my doorstep this morning. Once I'm finished with my Vanguard: Declassified novella, I'll turn to addressing any fixes/changes which have been requested, and get those back to editor Jaime Costas on or about the 18th.

And so it goes....
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