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KHAAAAAN! His vengeance lives on!

One of the highlights of last week's uber-cool Kansas City Fringe Festival was KHAAAAAN! The Musical, a 45-minute parody play based very, very loosely on the Enterprise crew's encounter with the nefarious Khan Noonien Singh (original series episode "Space Seed" and the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but you should've known that. Otherwise...what the hell are you doing here?). The play is laced with smart, snappy jokes and dialogue that Trekkies will enjoy but which also are not over the heads of the casual audience member.

Long story short: Khan seeks vengeance on Jim Kirk because the good captain once traveled back through time to the year 2010 and knocked Khan from his seat of power as absolute ruler of Earth, which he had forced to live in stagnation; trapped in the pop-culture mire that was the mid-late 1980s. That's right, big-haired rock bands singing overly emo love ballads, valley girls, "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirts, and pastels. In other words, Hell On Earth(tm).

Listen up, fanboys already having apoplectic fits as they try to reconcile this with the Star Trek canon: Frankie Say Relax. Roll with it, whydontcha.

Anyway, last week, the play's director and co-writer, Tara Varney, invited Kevin and me to be on hand for the group's Saturday night performances. We hung out with fellow fans, signed and sold a few books, enjoyed the play, and generally had a really fun time. After it was over, we even talked about the possibility of the troupe perhaps taking the show on the road, maybe to a few of the larger fan-run conventions that I think would welcome them with open arms (Starfest and Shore Leave are the two examples which come to mind, so we're going to investigate those possibilities).

On Saturday night, Tara told us that there was a distinct possibility that the show would be "held over" beyond the Fringe Festival for a couple of extra performances, and lo and behold that's now a fact. If you're KC-based and didn't get to see KHAAAAAN! during the festival last week, you'll have two more opportunities this weekend. The show's been scheduled for tonight at 11:30 and tomorrow at 9pm at Fringe Central, located at 1730 Broadway in downtown KC.

How's that for cool?

Kevin and I offer our sincere thanks to Tara, as well as Bryan Colley, Jay Coombes, Bob Grove, Kevin Albert, Steven Eubank, Amy Hurrelbrink, Tim Gillespie, and Michelle Cotton for having us as their guests last Saturday night. Congratulations on the successful run at the Fringe Festival, and best of luck with the extra performances. Hopefully we'll see you again when you roll out your next show!
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