Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

A little taste of Vanguard.

When Doug Drexler was asked to provide cover art for the next book in the ongoing Star Trek: Vanguard saga, Declassified, he responded in timely fashion. While his first submission was not accepted by Pocket (owing to similarities to previous entries in the series), it's still a very sweet piece of art.

Doug's second submission incorporated several requests from the book's editor as well as some of us writing stories for the collection, and also is - in a word - Awesome. As I said on Doug's blog, it contains lots of little details which will tickle the hearts and other parts of old-school fans, particularly those who love such classic publications as Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual. That image has not yet been approved by the licensing department at CBS, but while we wait, Doug has made the original submission available for viewing on his site:

Unused image for Vanguard: Declassified
(Click to enlarge)

Kinda makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

Be sure to check out the comments about this piece, as well as lots of other Trek AwesomeSauce, at Doug's blog.
Tags: drexfiles, nerdity, trek, vanguard
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