Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

A tiny bit of Star Trek: Vanguard news.

Since I just got the "Author Alert" e-Mail from Simon & Schuster, I'm going with the strong assumption that this info is okay to post here.

The title for the next novel in the Star Trek: Vanguard series has been revealed. Sadly, it will not be, as was hoped by a fervent few, The Taurus Key: A Crystalline Fairy Tale, Founded Upon The Mysteries of the Shedai and the Oppression of Their Servants. It Was Written for Kollotuul, But Others Should Read It.

Sorry, steve_mollmann.

Instead, the title will be (cue drumroll)...WHAT JUDGMENTS COME.

Other info of note: The book's release date has been moved up to on or about September 27th, 2011, which is interesting, given that Kevin and I are finishing up the thing, with a manuscript due date of this coming Tuesday. There looks to have been some schedule shuffling, the details of which I'm likely not ever to know.

I have no idea when cover art might be available, but keeping watching this space for details.

Thanks very much for your attention and indulgence. You may all now return to your various lives, already in progress.

Tags: trek, vanguard, writing
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