Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

Okay. A bit more Vanguard news.

So, you're saying to yourself, "Gee, I wonder when those Vanguard guys are going to get around to showing us a cover for that Declassified anthology they've been yammering about for months?"

How's about now?


As has been the case with all of the Vanguard novels, the cover was provided by the ever-awesome Doug Drexler. Boo, to the yah.

Also, if you're an old-school Trekkie and you think you're seeing something which might have leapt from the pages of Franz Joseph's seminal Star Trek reference work, The Star Fleet Technical Manual? Go with that feeling.

The anthology will contain the following stories:

  • "Almost Tomorrow" - by me. Set before the events of the first Vanguard novel, Harbinger, and the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers novella Distant Early Warning.

  • "Hard News" - by Kevin Dilmore. Set just after the events of the third novel, Reap the Whirlwind.

  • "The Ruins of Noble Men" - by Marco Palmieri. Set after the events of the fifth novel, Precipice, but telling a dual story through the use of flashbacks.

  • "The Stars Look Down" - by David Mack. Also set after Precipice.

Can't give away too much at once, so...more info to come. Stay tuned!

Tags: trek, vanguard, writing
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