Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

Jack's back?

So, I ran across this bit of news today:

Yahoo! News: 24 movie to begin shooting this spring

Oh Hell. To the Yeah.

According to other sites around the web that've been tracking (and expanding upon) the story, Kiefer Sutherland has stated that the movie would depict the show's traditional "24-hours per season" format in the space of the film's running time. He also said that the storyline will pick up six months after the last episode of the series, and will indeed be a continuation of the situation in which Jack Bauer found himself as the clock ticked down for that final time.

(No spoilers here...unless you ask :D)

I was a fan of the show from Day 1, and stayed until the bitter end. Along the way, I along with other fans of the show got our fill of plot lines which continued to grow more convoluted and even ridiculous as the seasons wore on. I didn't care; the show for the most part remained escapist fun, spawning all manner of watch party nights, drinking games, and betting pools. Every year as the new season approached and the previous season was released on DVD, we would have mini-marathons to burn through the season in order to be ready for Jack's new day.

When the series of 24: Declassified novels started up, I so wanted to write one (or more!) of those. As for the show itself, I still don't like the way the series ended with respect to the treatment of Jack Bauer the character. I'd been hoping that they'd go out finally giving the guy a damned break, and perhaps clearing the decks a bit so far as any movie adventures might be concerned. I suppose I could keep my fingers crossed that ol' Jack might get a bone or two thrown his way in this movie, but I'm not counting on it.

There's no word (that I saw) about release date, but I'm guessing it could be late 2012, but likely 2013. Holy crap. New Star Trek and Die Hard movies, AND a Jack Bauer flick in the same year? Somebody pinch me.

Welcome back, Jack. We've missed you.

(Originally published at The Fog of Ward and cross-posted to LiveJournal.)

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