Dayton Ward (daytonward) wrote,
Dayton Ward

Fighting for Gwen: "Robin & the Stars"

Over the weekend, I posted about a fundraising effort, Fighting for Gwen, and how you can get in on the action. By donating to Gwen's cause, you set yourself up as a subscriber to a series of stories written for distribution to the donors. From what I've been told, response so far to this initiative has been very positive, but they can always use a bit more help.

The first of the stories is being released today! First up: "Robin & the Stars" by C.E. Murphy, and is set in a universe of her own creation and aimed at younger readers, Tales from Gryphon Beach.

Other stories will be following at a rate of about one every other week or so, and there' still time for you to be a part of something special. Read about Gwen's story and how you can get involved: Fighting for Gwen.


(Originally published at The Fog of Ward and cross-posted to LiveJournal.)

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